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Statement from the Candidate:

If we want to get serious about bettering our state, we must first invest in it. This investment requires commitment on every level, starting with your vote. If elected, I will fight for our community's future, provide adequate funding for neglected departments, and ensure every citizen of District 32 has a voice.
Jacobi Crowley


Invest in and Prioritize Local Schools.   (Focus has to be on our kids, not on national agendas and using our schools as some issue to divide us.)

Fiscal Responsibility-

(The current mess in OKC, wasting tax dollars, giving sweetheart contracts to friends, leaving federal dollars on the table...has to stop)

         (a) Responsible Budgeting 

         (b) Responsible Taxation

         (c) Prioritizing the needs of our community in a fiscally responsible way

Well-Being of Our Community

  • (a) Smart Approach on Crime and Justice System

  •          (b) Business Growth and Quality Jobs

  •          (c) Bring our Community Together (with polarization at an all time high, we have to work together and we need leaders that bring us together, work across the aisle for the people of this community)


 (a) Roads, Bridges, Transportation

         (b) Work Collaboratively with local leaders, stakeholders, state agencies

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